I exist with you in a way that transcends logic.

I keep time through our encounters

I loose track of how often thoughts of you run through my mind

I rest in knowing my journey for love begins and ends with you.

I gladly turn over my heart to you, to protect, my soul to you, to uplift, my body to you, to please, my will to you, to guide.

Lisa M Evans

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If it looks like a business, then it must be a business, right?

New brand cover 2 nowebI’ve got my LLC in place, my business address, listings on the right publishing sites, business cards, a website, a water bottle, tote bag, cell phone case, and a t-shirt with my company logo on them.
I legitimately look like a business. At least my idea of what a business should look like.

I read blogs, books and articles on what a small publishing company should have (minus the t-shirt and other swag) but I wasn’t functioning like a business, i.e. more expenses than income.

I got so engulfed with the “building a business” part of publishing that I forgot the foundation of publishing which is writing, the process of creating a written work of art. In my mind I thought who would take me seriously if I said I owned a publishing company and all I had was a book and not a business card in my hand.

In retrospect, how can I say I own a publishing company and all I have in my hand is a business card and no books. Building a business requires that the foundation of the business be a solid one. In my case, having books to publish is more important than having swag and business cards to pass out.

I had to take a look at my expenses and reevaluate my business structure and what I really needed to have my business (legal documentation, business account etc) and what I needed to run my business.

Can you relate?

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All I Have is a Laptop and a Dream

allihaveisalaptopandadreamBANNERI was asked, why I chose All I Have is a Laptop and a Dream for my blog. I guess I was in the mindset of Nas with All I Need is One Mic nasor Tony Montana with “All I have is my balls and my word”.






Anyway I was unemployed and inspired to follow my passion to try and make a living doing what I love. Literally, all I had was a laptop, poems, short stories, and the dream to become a published author. I am still chasing my dream, and I now have more than one laptop.

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My Cypher 2016

cypher 2016I posted  January 2014 about my ritual of creating a cypher entitled My Cypher . The purpose of creating a cypher is to give me an illustration of my relationships with the people in my life, how close those relationships are, who I should keep in my life, and who I should leave behind. I didn’t perform this ritual last year and I am curious to know that if had I done it, would the year have taken a different direction. I didn’t realize how much my relationships have have changed and people who were part of my cypher a few years ago  are no longer a part of my life.

This year I included my goals to provide myself with a realistic view of how close I feel I am to reaching them. Adding goals to the cypher helps me get a visual of how close my goals are in proximity to my relationships.

As I look at my cypher I pose the following questions:

1. Why did I place this person/goal here?
2. Do they deserve to be here? Is this really a goal or what I think should be a goal?
3. Does this relationship/goal add value to my life?
4. Should this person/goal be moved to the inner/outer circle, or should they be removed altogether?

My cypher is ever evolving, as I choose which relationship/goal to focus my energy on, that goal or relationship may gain more importance in my life or prove to be a hindrance or stepping stone to some bigger lesson.

What is a tool you use to gain perspective in your life or business? Do you think creating a cypher would be helpful for you?

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A Dream Deferred?

dreamAfter two years of trying to build my publishing empire, I have returned to the workforce. For practical reasons I am very grateful that I have the means to make ends meet, but the entrepreneur in me is demoralized.

I had to console myself: “no, you are not a failure”, “this is only a means to an end”, “having steady income is going to help you get where you want to go faster”, “success doesn’t happen overnight, any thing worth having is worth working for”. And so on.

I had to also look on the bright side, and see what this opportunity was giving me as a writer. I work in an office of characters and situations that provide me with material to keep me creating for days. I also have an opportunity to write about the job I do and maybe come up with “best practices ” or information on the industry I am in (a textbook may be in my future). I am also meeting people who want to become writers, that I can mentor or create a seminar and share my experience with writing and self publishing, and possibly find authors to publish in the future.

One thing I have learned in life is that change happens and instead of resisting it, I am trying to embrace it. “Just because things aren’t working the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they are not working the way they are supposed to.” @allihaveisalap Twitter post 2014

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Happy New Year 

It has been a while since my last post and I realize that this is February, but I don’t consider it to be the new year until I can remember to write the correct date.

A lot has taken place over the past year and I have had to do some soul searching and sacrificing.

My journey to build my publishing business hasn’t been easy, navigating social media, the new book model, and business structure, there were times I wanted to give up, but I chose to take a step back and reevaluate.

I am eager to share what I’ve learned this far and eager to see where this new path takes me.

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