Laptop and a dream productions is proud to present quality entertainment in the form of web series and full length productions. Our first production will be a web series titled Age Appropriate, about women over 40 who are in an art therapy group where they deal with their frustrations on love and dating.

To catch our productions, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.



4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Lisa. Congratulations on finding the courage to step out on faith and follow your dream. I found your blog by accident or divine intervention. I clicked on your pic because like you I have natural hair and I like your hairstyle. LOL I saw your pic as a response to fitbananachick. I’m glad I did click on the pic because hearing your story is very encouraging.
    I am a writer who has let fear block me and my projects. I get off to a great start and peter out when i get about half way to the finish line – sometimes not even that far.
    Well I said all that to say, congratulations. I hope you reach all the goals you aspire to reach.


    1. Thank you very much. Don’t let fear keep you from making your dreams come true. Face the fear and do it anyway!


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