About Lisa M Evans

new-headshot-2I have always had a love for books and writing. I wrote my first book about a lonely hat at the age of six.

I am a mother of two lovely daughters. I earned a Masters degree in Psychology  and a certificate in Diversity Management from Cleveland State University.

I started Marquise Publishing  February 3, 2003 to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author. I wrote my first book about a lonely hat at the age of six.  My current book I Know How to Lose Weight, So Why Haven’t I, is a self help book about my own personal experience with yo-yo dieting and weight loss.  I am a  fan of classic Hip Hop and write poems to satisfy my inner MC.  My second published book This is My Brain on Emotion, is a collection of poems I have written from age fourteen to the present. I will released my first children’s book Rich Man’s Song in 2017.

In January 2013 I decided to relaunch Marquise Publishing  and plan to publish other authors. My focus is on providing a good home for great books from several genres including non- fiction, children’s literature, fiction, and poetry. I want Marquise Publishing to be the champion of the independent thinker, the endless dreamer, and the creative nonconformist.  My challenge is to overcome my shyness and my awkwardness in social situations to be a good ambassador for my brand. This blog is my way of putting myself out there and sharing my thoughts, triumphs, and missteps in my journey to build a successful small publishing company



4 thoughts on “About Lisa M Evans”

  1. Hi Lisa. Congratulations on finding the courage to step out on faith and follow your dream. I found your blog by accident or divine intervention. I clicked on your pic because like you I have natural hair and I like your hairstyle. LOL I saw your pic as a response to fitbananachick. I’m glad I did click on the pic because hearing your story is very encouraging.
    I am a writer who has let fear block me and my projects. I get off to a great start and peter out when i get about half way to the finish line – sometimes not even that far.
    Well I said all that to say, congratulations. I hope you reach all the goals you aspire to reach.


    1. Thank you very much. Don’t let fear keep you from making your dreams come true. Face the fear and do it anyway!


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