Are you getting in your own way 

Building a business can have its challenges. There are always obstacles to overcome and competitors to stay ahead of.  

In order to overcome challenges one must always be aware of the trends and best practices that help lead businesses owners to success. 

Some of this seems obvious as long as you are paying attention.

But there is something that is not so obvious one should pay attention to. The internal processes that may be getting in the way of your success.

For example, I am in the book publishing business. I prefer print books. I like the process of holding a book in my hand, turning the pages and making notes in the margins. So when I promote new titles, I put the bulk of my effort into print books. 

But this is the electronic age and today’s readers prefer ebooks. They provide instant access, are more environmentally friendly than print books and they save space because they can be uploaded to a reading device or cloud storage.

Most book publishers don’t even invest in print books unless they are doing book tours or book signings. 

My resistance to promoting ebooks over print books is hurting my business’ bottom line. Because of my personal preference I am not as successful as I should be and now I’m playing catch up. 

How can you avoid getting in your own way?

  • Pay attention to trends in your industry 
  • Think outside the box 
  • Realize doing things “your way ” may not always be the best way 
  • Revisit your business goals and think of new ways to reach them 
  • Don’t be afraid of change 

Are you getting in your way when it comes to your business?

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