If it looks like a business, then it must be a business, right?

New brand cover 2 nowebI’ve got my LLC in place, my business address, listings on the right publishing sites, business cards, a website, a water bottle, tote bag, cell phone case, and a t-shirt with my company logo on them.
I legitimately look like a business. At least my idea of what a business should look like.

I read blogs, books and articles on what a small publishing company should have (minus the t-shirt and other swag) but I wasn’t functioning like a business, i.e. more expenses than income.

I got so engulfed with the “building a business” part of publishing that I forgot the foundation of publishing which is writing, the process of creating a written work of art. In my mind I thought who would take me seriously if I said I owned a publishing company and all I had was a book and not a business card in my hand.

In retrospect, how can I say I own a publishing company and all I have in my hand is a business card and no books. Building a business requires that the foundation of the business be a solid one. In my case, having books to publish is more important than having swag and business cards to pass out.

I had to take a look at my expenses and reevaluate my business structure and what I really needed to have my business (legal documentation, business account etc) and what I needed to run my business.

Can you relate?

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