My Cypher 2016

cypher 2016I posted  January 2014 about my ritual of creating a cypher entitled My Cypher . The purpose of creating a cypher is to give me an illustration of my relationships with the people in my life, how close those relationships are, who I should keep in my life, and who I should leave behind. I didn’t perform this ritual last year and I am curious to know that if had I done it, would the year have taken a different direction. I didn’t realize how much my relationships have have changed and people who were part of my cypher a few years ago  are no longer a part of my life.

This year I included my goals to provide myself with a realistic view of how close I feel I am to reaching them. Adding goals to the cypher helps me get a visual of how close my goals are in proximity to my relationships.

As I look at my cypher I pose the following questions:

1. Why did I place this person/goal here?
2. Do they deserve to be here? Is this really a goal or what I think should be a goal?
3. Does this relationship/goal add value to my life?
4. Should this person/goal be moved to the inner/outer circle, or should they be removed altogether?

My cypher is ever evolving, as I choose which relationship/goal to focus my energy on, that goal or relationship may gain more importance in my life or prove to be a hindrance or stepping stone to some bigger lesson.

What is a tool you use to gain perspective in your life or business? Do you think creating a cypher would be helpful for you?

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