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Growing up I have always heard the saying “Be careful of the company you keep”, and I try to keep myself in good company. When befriending people I usually stick with people I have things in common with mostly people I went to school with or worked with. I have a very small social circle of good friends, and everyone else are just acquaintances or business contacts.  Now that I’m trying to make connections on social media, I wonder if that saying still applies. Should I be careful about who I friend on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or connect with on Linkedin? Can you be judged by who you are friends with or connected to? The goal of social media in business is to get as many followers that are interested in your product or service as you can, with large corporate brands, they just throw up a fan page, and people come to them, but when you are a small business building your brand, you may start off with a personal page and you have more interaction with the people you friend or who friend you. So you build this virtual circle of friends, followers, and acquaintances.  What’s the big deal you may ask. I know of people who rejected friend request because the requester is friends with someone they don’t like. Or you have that person with really obnoxious religious or political views that they post or tweet every chance they get that could offend a potential customer or client. I’ll admit, I will go on someone’s profile page to see what kind of activity they engage in before I accept a friend request or follow back.  That’s the question I am posing, does watching the company you keep apply to your virtual circle?

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