Multiple Personalities: My Mistake Creating a Facebook Page

facebook iconsThis is going to be a quick post about a big mistake I made when creating my Facebook business page. I know I am not the only one to make this mistake, and if you have, it is easy to correct.

Like any small business, I wanted to create a business profile on Facebook separate from my personal profile. So I went to Facebook’s log in page and clicked the link at the bottom that says “create a page for a celebrity, band or business” . facebook login I used a separate email address from my personal profile to create my page, and followed the instructions to create a page for Marquise Publishing. I was so excited when my page was created and couldn’t wait to invite my friends to like my page, but my friends list did not come up on my on my business page. I had to log in to my personal page, then go to my business page, for my friends list to come up so I could invite them to like the page. I also noticed that I was limited in my interactions on Facebook when I was signed into my business Facebook page. This became very frustrating and I found that I was still using my personal profile for business which defeated the purpose of creating the business page. I finally decided to do some research and find out why my business page was so limited in comparison to my personal page. This is what I found:

  • I should have created the business page from my personal profile by clicking on the arrow on the far right top of my profile page, then clicking on “create page” from the drop down list.
  • By doing this, I can switch from my personal profile to my business profile all from the same page and not have to log out of one to log in to the other
  • I can interact better with my followers from my business page, and I can like other pages and comment as my business profile
  • If you were like me and created a separate page under a separate email address, all is not lost. Just go to your business page and under settings click on the “page roles” tab and make your personal profile the administrator of the page and when you log into your personal page, you can switch back and forth between profiles and have the capability to like and comment as your business profile.

So now I have three Facebook personalities, my personal page, my business page I created separately from my personal page  and my newest page I created for my blog ,like me on Facebook, comment and subscribe

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