How to Support an Author








Writing a book is a labor of love. Having no one acknowledge the fruits of your labor sucks. Getting your work out to the public is the hardest thing for a new author.  If you know someone who has written a book, show them your support.

How you can show your support:

  • Offer to host a book signing at your home
  • Start a book club or recommending the author’s work to your book club
  • Share and re-tweet the author’s post to your social media followers
  • Buy multiple copies of the author’s book and give them as gifts
  • Read the author’s book in a public place
  • Review the author’s book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, or any other book review site
  • Recommend the author’s book to coworkers and your networks
  • Post a picture of yourself reading the author’s book on Instagram or Facebook
  • Brag to your friends that you know a published author

Any bit of support helps. You never know, once the author becomes a best seller you may get a mention in the dedication in their next book.

What other ways can you support an author? Comment, subscribe.

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