Treat it like a job and it will pay you like a job

The beauty of being self employed is that you are your own boss, you set your own schedule, and in most cases you can just roll out of bed and get to work. There can also be a downside. With the leeway of being able to work when you feel like it, how much work is being done, and how well are you building your brand? I realized this (while looking at the zeros in my bank account) that I am not only the boss, of my company, but I am also an employee, and if I had to give myself a performance evaluation, I would have to say it wouldn’t be good.

If I were working for someone else I would make sure I was punctual, got my assignments done on time, and perform above and beyond my job description. All for a nonexistent raise or pat on the back, while my employer would reap all the benefits of my hard work. Now that my employer is me, I take liberties I wouldn’t dare take if I was employed by someone else, and it shows every month in my profit and loss statements.

So I realize just because my boss is a pushover, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t perform to the same level I would for any other employer. So there are some changes I have made to ensure I am my best employee:

  • I have re-read my policies and procedures manual (read my blog post on why having a HR manual is important for a small business)
  • I have set work hours
  • I have a designated work area that is not in front of the TV
  • I give myself goals and projects to complete by designated times
  • I make a note of the things that get me distracted from tasks
  • I work outside my home. I’ll go to a coffee shop or a college campus and work there
  • I evaluate my performance periodically and make changes accordingly
  • I ask friends and family to be my accountability partners when I need that extra kick in the pants
  • I remind myself, I may not get fired but I can lose my business and that is worse
  • I make a list of tasks that I don’t like to do and put together a job description for an intern or a potential employee

At the end of the day it is very important that you put the same effort into your business as you would if you were working for someone else.Β  How do you stay on track when building your business? Comment and subscribe. You can now read All I Have is a Laptop and a Dream on our website



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