The Publishing Process: Book Reviews

An important part of the publishing process is the review. Book reviews can:

increase book sales

generate free advertising

provide feedback on the books content

help the book reach a wider audience

There are a few types of book reviews I will address in this blog, pre-publication reviews, peer reviews, and post publication reviews.

Pre-publication reviews are reviews that are requested prior to the books publication date (usually 3 to 4 months in advance). A bound galley or proof may be sent in for review followed up by a finished copy of the book a few weeks later. Request for pre-publication reviews are sent to book trade publications such as, Publishers Weekly, Foreword Magazine, and Kirkus Book Reviews. Also send requests for pre-publication reviews to major news papers like the NY Times, the LA Times, and USA Today. Although there is no guarantee a book will be chosen for review, if it is, the review can have a great impact on sales and marketing of a title.

Peer reviews are reviews by experts in the subject matter of a book or professionals whose review will add credibility to the book such as, a teacher reviewing a children’s book or a nurse reviewing a nutrition or exercise book. One may even ask a peer to provide a foreward in the book. Peer reviews help to bring credibility to a title and people who are asked to do a review are likely to help promote the book by telling their networks about it.

Post publication reviews are reviews done by people who have read the book and post reviews on book sites like Amazon or Goodreads. Online book reviewers or small press reviewers that review books in a specific genre, and may request a review copy of a title. Post publication reviews are not always solicited like pre-publication and peer reviews, this makes them more valuable because the reviews are coming directly from the consumer.

Either way, book reviews are a very important part of marketing a title, and which ever type of review is solicited, it is a good investment in a books success.


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