My Cypher


In the beginning of each new year I’ve started to do some internal house cleaning. Get a piece of paper and I draw a small circle in the middle and I put “me” or my name in the circle. Then I draw another circle around that and I list the people I consider to be in my “inner circle”. Friends, family, a significant other (when I have one). The degree of closeness I have with the person will determine their placement in the second circle. Then around that circle I place a third. Here I list friends, family, and acquaintances that I don’t consider to be in my inner circle. I take a look at each person in my cypher and ask myself,
1. Why did I place this person here?
2. Do they deserve to be here?
3. Does this relationship add value to my life?
4. Should this person be moved to the inner/outer circle, or should they be removed altogether?
After I make changes, I make a list of the people in my cypher and I make a note of how I may enhance or support this relationship. I will even ask the people in my inner circle how I can better support our relationship. Then I take a piece of poster board, redraw my cypher and make it all pretty to hang up on my wall. It is very important to me that I take inventory of the people I allow in my life. Healthy relationships give me the support and positive energy I need not only in my business, but in life. Negative people and one sided relationships are a drain and require too much energy to maintain, and, for me they serve no purpose. I suggest giving it a try, it may help you gain perspective on who you are allowing in your life and what effect they may have on you or your business.
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