Business structure

When re-launching my publishing company this year, I realized although I was registered as a LLC, I was running my business and being taxed as a sole proprietor. Because of this, I was not receiving full liability protection for my company. So the first thing I did was look for information on running a LLC. I found the book, Limited Liability Companies for Dummies by Jennifer Reuting. I realize I will eventually have to consult a professional, but I like to have a general understanding of all aspects of my business. The book is very informative and gives a general overview of how to set up a LLC, the forms that must be filed, and what states are best to form your LLC in. The book also discusses what limited liability protection is and how to maintain it.

I decided to form a LLC as an umbrella for my publishing business and any other ventures I may want to pursue, I like the idea of my business being a separate entity from myself, and the protection a LLC provides against my personal assets if my business were ever sued.  Now that I have set up my LLC properly I can enjoy the liability protection and tax benefits it provides. If you are interested in starting your own LLC, I recommend the aforementioned book as a good starting point.


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