The ghost of laptops past

To channel spirits of loved ones that have crossed over to the other side, one may consult a medium to retrieve information. What does one do if it is a laptop? Get a hard drive case. When my laptop died I was preparing myself to come to terms with loosing a lot of information that I didn’t back up on a regular basis like my photos. I had also made changes and additions to documents that I did not get a chance to back up before my laptop’s untimely passing. Before accepting the reality that I would have to try and piece together all of my documents from the various back up storage I use and loose all of my photos, I consulted my IT friend who told me to get a hard drive case. A hard drive case is a device that you put your old hard drive in and plug it in to your computer or laptop to retrieve files from the old hard drive (if there is no damage to the old hard drive). I found a case on Amazon for $5.99.

photo 3

The case included instructions and a USB cord. Now all I had to do is retrieve the hard drive from my deceased laptop and that proved to be a daunting task. I had to dismantle the laptop to get the hard drive buried deep inside, after an hour or so and what seemed like 1,000 tiny screws later, I finally got my hard drive out.

photo 1photo 2

So I just plugged the hard drive  into the case and plugged the case into my new laptop, and voila access to my files I thought would be lost forever. I can now use the old hard drive as external backup storage! To learn more about back up storage for files please read my post Back up plan

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