Moving a small business

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I recently moved. Aside from the challenges of moving in general, I have encountered issues with moving my business. My business is web based so I don’t have a brick and mortar location other than my home I run my business out of, but for a long time I was using my home address as my business address. After realizing that was not a good idea and reading books that discourage using your home address as your business address (for businesses that are operating as LLC’s ) I decided to get a PO Box. The issue with using a PO Box is that for legal documents and to open accounts, you have to use an actual address, you can’t receive packages, and a PO Box does not look as professional. Because of this, I wind up using my home address anyway. As I am trying to establish my business as it’s own entity, and start building business credit, I realized in this recent move that I had to address the address situation. So I started looking into getting a business address that was not a PO Box.  After doing a Google search, I came across a few mail forwarding services, and virtual office services, but I decided upon the UPS Store there is one in my area, I will be able to receive packages there and they have three, six, and twelve month rental options.  Now when I move, my business doesn’t have to move with me. Having an actual business address will help with liability protection, professionalism, and establishing credit (in order to register with Dunn and Bradstreet you have to have a physical business address). I will also save money on filling fees to keep my business information current with the state. Another bonus is every time I travel to my business address to pick up mail and packages I can deduct the mileage as travel expenses on my taxes. Think about the advantages a business address or virtual office can provide your business and leave a comment.

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