I got a new laptop!

I’m back! After the untimely passing of my previous laptop, I’ve finally got a new one.  I got a Dell Inspiron 15, not that I am partial to Dell (my IT friend told me to get and ASUS), but the Dell was on sale and it had a DVD drive and enough USB ports for me to keep all of my devices plugged in at the same time.

Between losing my old laptop and getting a new one, I moved. Despite the general challenges of moving, moving a small a small business presents it’s own set of challenges I will address in my next blog.

Back to the subject of this blog. I mentioned the move because I had to transfer my internet service, and what I thought would be an easy process turned out to be a mild form of torture. I got my new laptop on August 20th. When I got home I took it out the box, read the set up instructions, and proceeded to call my internet service provider to have my service transferred to my new residence. I had my modem plugged in and ready so I figured all they would have to do is flip the switch or push a button to turn off service at my old residence and turn it on at my new one. Then I was told “the earliest we would be able to turn on your service is September 3rd”.  What! That’s two weeks away! I didn’t understand why it would take so long, so for the next couple of days I called back to see if I could get an earlier connection date, no go. In the meantime I watched the tutorial videos on the Windows 8 features occasionally looking at my modem just to see the flashing red light indicating that I didn’t have internet service yet. The next few days I would turn on my computer, log in, and go to the internet settings hoping my laptop would talk to my modem and they would conspire to override my internet service provider and let me have internet access. No Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or WordPress, all my business, personal and professional is conducted online, Ugh! Even with my cable hooked up, I couldn’t feel settled without internet service. Then one day, three days before the scheduled connection date, I saw the green internet light flashing on my modem! I had to take a closer look to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. My heart started pounding as I logged in to my computer, clicked on internet settings, and…got connected! Lesson learned, schedule internet transfer in advance and keep a list of wifi hotspots in the area so I can stay connected. If you’ve had a similar situation, share it in the comments.

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One thought on “I got a new laptop!”

  1. [ Smiles ] Some of us have learned the lesson of proper planning the hard way.

    I hope that you are having fun with your new Dell laptop.


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