Short Story Saturday



Maria Elizabeth Crosse; born June 30, 1971. Maria is a senior with a double manor in Sociology and Theater Arts. She has a six year old son, Ryan which means “son of a queen.” Maria was nineteen and a freshman at Case Western Reserve University when she found out she was pregnant. She also had been chosen to participate as a contestant in the Miss Ohio pageant. With the prospect of college and of participating in the pageant facing her, Maria looked to friends and family for guidance and advice on her unexpected pregnancy. She didn’t receive the support she expected. To find the answer she was looking for, Maria went to Planned Parenthood.

                “I was obviously upset when I walked into the clinic” Maria said. “When I informed them of my dilemma, a counselor took me into a tiny room and started to explain to me what my options were. I could choose to carry the baby full term and raise it myself, or I could give it up for adoption, or I could have an abortion. Then the counselor started explaining in detail the abortion procedure as if that was the only right decision for me.” Maria said with anger in her voice.  “Then this counselor ended her abortion pitch by telling me, ‘You’re too pretty to have stretch marks’. That really pissed me off!” Maria said. “I went there looking for answers, instead I left there with the impression that my only option was to get an abortion.”

                Maria struggled to make a decision for eighteen weeks, when one night she remembers having an eerie dream, and when she woke up, the decision was made. She was going to keep her baby.  After hearing about her experience with Planned Parenthood, I asked Maria what side of the abortion issue she was on.

                “I am pro choice,” she told me. “Pro choice doesn’t mean pro abortion.  For me it meant having a choice that gave me the strength to make the decision to keep my baby. It was the best choice I ever made.”

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