Support System

From the beginning of this year I have made it known to friends and family that I was relaunching my publishing company and working for myself. Full of excitement and optimism, I went about setting up my business structure, policies and procedures, and business plan. I would broadcast every milestone and receive cheers via text message and the occasional phone call. Then I would send out call to action emails to sign up for my newsletter, visit my website and subscribe to my blog and buy my book. Surprisingly, I got little to no support. I read once that friends and family can be the worst support system for a new business owner. Some of it could be jealousy, or they don’t want to be your only source of income so they wait and see if other people support your business first, that friends and family only come around once you are successful. Luckily I have a small support system of two people who forward me information on my industry, let me bounce ideas off of them, keep me on track and motivated, and never ever ask me what am I going to do if my business doesn’t work out. There are two people who truly support me, even though they haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, oh well, I guess you can’t have it all.

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