When starting my business and making my action plan I had day dreams of how things would be. I would register my business with the state, and then the gates of business opportunity would open up and I would be accepted in the business owners club and be taken seriously. Once I got my certificate of registration from the state, I ran to banks for business loans and start up organizations with my laptop and a dream speech, just to have the door slammed in my face. “But I’m one of you, check the secretary of state website”. What I learned, your business has to be in business to do business.  No one wants to deal with an entity in name only, there has to be a balance sheet and a customer base to go along with that.  The work it took for me to file my paperwork correctly draft my addendum, articles of operation and create my human resource policy and procedure manual earns me no brownie points. I expected that forming an LLC instead of being a sole proprietor would give me more clout and business opportunities, no, it means my taxes just got more complicated.  What expectations do you have for your business?

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