Back up plan

The after effects of the death of my laptop is files on my hard drive that I don’t have access to. I had a back up schedule, but I am ashamed to say that I got a little lazy about it.

Seriously it is very important for a small business especially and online business to have a back up plan. Because I am working with limited funding, my back up plan is all manual. I use a pin drive, CDR’s and Google drive and I back up my files once a month unless I have added a lot of data then I do it every other week. The goal is to have an external drive and a online back up service like sos online back up to automate my file back up system. There are free services like Google drive and dropbox but they only provide a small amount of storage for free and charge a fee if you need more and don’t offer automatic file back up to my knowledge.  Information is as important as profit, in my case, information is my profit, so to loose it, I loose income. It is important when structuring your company to spend some time thinking about information storage and taking time to develop a plan for information storage. I will be revising mine as I am in the geek squad line at Best Buy. So the moral of the story is have a back up plan.

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