Short Story Saturday

Every other Saturday I will be posting short stories that I have written and found sitting in a file. I hope one day to feature short stories or poems by unpublished authors.

Written  1/6/98

In My Purse

                In my purse, I have a checkbook that has run out of checks. I keep forgetting to order new ones until I get to the head of the checkout line at the grocery store. I have an electronic rolodex that needs new batteries. None of the important numbers I need are stored in it, and I rarely use it. I have an eyeliner pencil with tiny bite marks on it. My youngest child is teething. I have a tube of my favorite lipstick that is work down to the nub because my two year old used it as a crayon. My purse also contains balled up receipts, some of them have phone numbers written on them. I should put those numbers in my rolodex. I have credit cards with are a constant reminder of the debt I’ve accumulated over the years. My driver’s license photo, taken in 1997, and my student ID, taken in 1993, remind me of how much I have changed in four years.

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