Business Cards

In this world of electronic communication, it is amazing how much power the business card still holds. The business card is your own personal billboard for your business, it is your sales pitch, your elevator speech, all on this 3.5″ X 2″ piece of card stock. During the relaunching of Marquise Publishing, I have been focusing more on social media that I hadn’t bothered to get business cards made. There is nothing that illustrates the importance of having one like giving your spiel to someone, and they ask “Do you have a business card?” and when you tell them no, the look on their face changes from interest to skepticism. I learned in that moment, you are not taken seriously if you don’t have a business card.

Where to start? I am still working on a business phone number, and  I am leery about using my personal cell phone number, so I just list my email address, Twitter name, Facebook page, and website on my card.I also use the space on the back of the card to list my tagline, or book title. Some experts would say not to use the back of your card, but I see it at prime real estate. Here are a few suggestions to consider when making your business card.

  • Make sure the information on your card is current. Nothing irks me more that having someones business card and the number on it is disconnected, or the website is not active.
  • Keep the recycling to the card’s material not the content. I’m sorry, but it is so tacky when someone crosses out old information on their card and hand writes it in. That leads me to my next tip,
  • Print small quantities- you can buy your own card stock and make your own, or go online to Hot Cards, or Tiny Prints,  and get small quantities of cards printed. This way if your information does change, you don’t have a box full of cards that you can’t use. If you do have a box full of cards, you can print your current information on a label and stick the label on your old cards.
  • Make different cards to fit different functions- I am a small business owner and an author, so I have one card where I am listed as the CEO with relevant business information, and one card where I am listed as an author with book information printed on it.
  • Lastly, always carry your business cards with you! You never know who you will run into and there is nothing worse than having made a valuable contact and saying “I don’t have any business cards on me.”

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