Twitter Problems

ImageSo I signed up with to monitor my twitter account for inactive followers, people who I am following but who are not following me, and for people who stopped following me. I found through that out of the 1,573 people I was following, 896 were not following me back. The reason why I signed up for the service in the first place, was after I made the twitter neophyte mistake of following 2,000 people when only 350 were following me. For those who don’t know, Twitter has a following limit of 2,000.  Depending on the ratio of people following you, (I don’t know what that ratio is) if the number of people following you is not high enough, once you have followed 2,000 people, you will not be able to follow anymore people until your follower numbers increase. It’s confusing. So I ended up going through my following list and unfollowing businesses, non English speaking profiles, and  profiles that were not in my target industry. I went from 2,000 to 720. I digress, I went through the list of profiles that were not following me that generated. I unfollowed all the business and a random profiles I initially followed just to increase my numbers, and then I was left with profiles that I really wanted to keep following but wanted to get them to follow me back. It started off well, I would visit their profile and retweet a post I liked, read an article they posted and send them a mention on how much I liked the article, then the bright idea came over me to send each profile the same copy and paste message that included a link to my companies latest newsletter. This made it faster and easier, click on a profile and paste the message, click, paste, click, paste. After doing this about 50 times, I returned to my profile to see if I got any new followers or responses to my messages, and then I saw an author’s profile that popped up in my suggestions feed and I clicked the follow button. “This account has been temporarily suspended” came across my screen, “oh how unfortunate” I thought to myself and clicked follow on another author’s profile, the message popped up again, oh that’s MY account that’s suspended! I had to click on a link, got an online scolding about spamming unsolicited profiles, promised not to do it again, and got the suspension removed. I think I am going to take some time to read the rules to using Twitter. What do you think?

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