Procrastination is the fear of success- Fortune Cookie.

Statistics say that most small businesses fail within the first three years, so failure is expected. Does that expectation of failure keep one from accomplishing goals that are necessary for success therefore resulting in procrastination?  I would categorize myself as a procrastinator.  I assumed my procrastination came from a fear of failure.  The fortune cookie saying gave me another perspective, if failure is to be expected when starting  a business, where does fear come in to play? Preparation for failure is a part of business strategy so procrastination can be seen as a tool (to a procrastinator). Success is different. Success is what one hopes for, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is not much said on how to get there, how to handle it, or what it feels like. Once one becomes successful, what’s next, how do you maintain it. For me, that is fear inducing. So I can see how I may not be doing everything I can and putting my all in for fear of being successful, because failure is familiar, but success is unknown. Procrastination is my leverage between the two.

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