I had a conversation with a friend on how I don’t like to talk to people. I don’t like to use the phone and I prefer to communicate via email.   I keep a very small circle of people around me that I communicate with on a regular basis.  I know this doesn’t serve me if I am trying to be a successful author and business woman. I am not the type of person who can strike up a conversation with a stranger, but I make friends with people who can, and use them as my mouthpiece in social situations. 

I realize that networking is key for a small business owner.  Attending events, meeting potential vendors and other small business owners is the best way to market yourself and meet others that could provide valuable information through their experience, and all this knowledge can be gained by a simple hand shake and “Hi my name is”…

I really wanted  to attend a local networking event and I invited my friend to accompany me.  I was scared I was going to hold up a wall in a corner somewhere and not make any contacts. I psyched myself up before the event that instead of “using” my friend as a mouthpiece, I would just imitate her. It actually worked. I ended up making a few contacts and handing out some business cards, and eventually I emerged and I no longer needed to imitate my friend. 

Have you ever used a mouthpiece?   Comment

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