Starting Over

photo 2-4I started Marquise Publishing February 3, 2003 to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author.  After publishing two titles: Transforming a Pear into an Hourglass; A Journey from Fat to fit and Emotions Personified, I moved out of the state I was living in and the company went on a long hiatus.

I re-launched January 2013 with a new focus and mission: To use the art of writing and storytelling to inform, inspire, and empower.  What does that mean? I want the books I publish to do more than entertain, I want to spark conversations, inspire artistic vision, and empower others to tell their stories. I also want to publish other authors.

I’m noticing with this new launch how much the business has changed since Marquise Publishing was first founded. Having a website was enough back in 2003, now I need a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a host of other social media platforms to help promote myself, my business, and my books. Along with the challenges of starting a small business, navigating this new frontier has proven to be an adventure. Re-starting a business with no funding and a dream is a book in itself. This blog will be my way to vent my frustrations, ask questions, post unpublished works, and keep a record of my failures and successes.

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